Dear Foothill Church...

If I didn’t have a Bible and the eyes of faith, I could never believe some of the things that Jesus promises. For example, what he says about his Kingdom in Matthew 13 is astonishing: 

A sower went out to sow…some seed fell on good soil…This is the one who hears the word and understands it. He indeed bears fruit and yields, in one case a hundredfold, in another sixty, and in another thirty; or

The Kingdom of heaven is like a grain of mustard seed…when it has grown it is larger than all the garden plants and becomes a tree; or

The Kingdom of heaven is like leaven that a woman took and hid in three measures of flour, till it was all leavened.

In other words, wherever the gospel is planted, the Kingdom is growing. In fact, for Jesus, it’s unstoppable. The seed will produce fruit…a lot of it! The tiny seed will grow into a tree…a large one! The leaven will take over the whole lump…a huge amount! The gospel is the power of God for salvation. Let it do its thing, and it will change everything. Let it go deeper and it will go wider. Do you believe it?

In 2006, God gave Foothill Church a vision to grow deeper and reach wider. To believe that the words of Jesus are true. If we plant the gospel, he will grow the Kingdom. And we’ve seen it happen: In hundreds of salvations and baptisms, in the discipleship of hundreds of families, youth, and kids; in the multiplication of Growth Groups and Classes; in the growth of our Sunday services; in the planting of 3 churches and ongoing support of another 12 and several local ministries. When the gospel grows deeper, the kingdom grows wider. Do you believe it?

But our task isn’t finished, and our vision hasn’t changed. Down below you’ll see our Rooted Ministry Plan for the next 10 months. By God’s grace, and with all our participation we will fund church plants, engage more families, disciple new believers, welcome more guests and gather for God’s glory.

And we will let the gospel go deeper in our lives so it will grow wider in the world. And all because we believe Jesus meant what he said.  

Are you ready? Do you believe it?

Growing deeper so we can reach wider,

Chris Lewis | Lead Pastor

We need $3,194,268 for 2023–2024

Here's where that's going:


God has called us to the ends of the earth and our own backyard. He cares about the nations and he cares about our neighbors. Together we will plant churches and partner with local ministries because as the seed of the gospel grows deeper, the kingdom grows wider.

$582,000 if fully funded*

Together we will…

  • Fund 50% of The King’s Church annual budget.
  • Support additional Foothill Church plants and planting partners (locally and globally).
  • Build a house in Mexico through Student Ministries.
  • Partner with local ministries (e.g., Azusa Neighborhood Homework House and Foothills Pregnancy Resource Center).

* Percentages based on projected income. Actual amounts may vary.
* Includes percentage of operational and administrative costs.

FAMILY | 28%

Together we will make disciples across all ages such that every person at every stage of life is learning to become a lifelong follower of Jesus. Where each child and student is receiving grace-filled, gospel-centered, and bible-saturated discipleship at church.

$890,421 if fully funded*

Together we will…

  • Provide scholarships to students for camps and Mexico mission trips.
  • Fund our Family Ministry staff to lead and disciple the next generation.
  • Improve safety features in Kids classrooms.
  • Upgrade Kids and Students environments, including media and tech in the K–5th classroom.

* Percentages based on projected income. Actual amounts may vary.
* Includes percentage of operational and administrative costs.


We’re in this together! Life in Christ is a community project and we will create environments where every person can find a community to help nurture the seed of the gospel.

$904,528 if fully funded*

Together we will…

  • Offer Alpha, an introduction to the Christian faith for non-believers.
  • Certify and train two new Biblical Counselors.
  • Provide financial assistance and care for Foothill families in need.
  • Fund ministry leadership to help move the ministry forward.

* Percentages based on projected income. Actual amounts may vary.
* Includes percentage of operational and administrative costs.


Sunday gatherings are the heart and soul of Foothill Church. They’re a place where disciples are formed as Jesus is worshiped, the Bible is taught, the gospel is preached, the lost are saved and baptized, people are sent, and the city is blessed. Together we can play a vital part in planting and growing gospel seeds.

$817,320 if fully funded*

Together we will…

  • Fund ministry leadership, including hiring part-time staff to assist with music and production.
  • Upgrade technology for in-person services, online sermons and digital engagement.
  • Upgrade our Info Area to help first time guests connect to life at Foothill Church.

* Percentages based on projected income. Actual amounts may vary.
* Includes percentage of operational and administrative costs.

How You Can Get Involved


Pray by name for your friends, family, coworkers and neighbors who are far from God. 


Make it a priority to faithfully attend church, join a growth group and/or class and serve as a volunteer. 


All of us can grow in our giving.

What does it look like to grow in your giving?

 If you’re not giving anything…
start giving something.

If you give occasionally…
give regularly.

If you give regularly…
give proportionately (i.e., 10%).

If you give proportionately…
give sacrificially.


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Rooted FAQs

If you have any further questions about our Rooted Ministry plan, email us at

Where did the $3.2 million dollar goal come from? Is that doable for a church our size?

Yes it’s doable! $3.2 million was derived by adding normal annual giving (approximately $2.6 million) with our church planting, missions and outreach obligations (approximately $600,000). If we give what we gave last year (including our Send campaign) we will reach $3.2 million dollars.

When do we need to receive the funds to reach our goal?

Our goal is to have all the funds by June 30, 2024 (i.e. the end of our fiscal year).

Does the $3.2 million include everything or just program fees?

It includes everything: program fees, facilities costs, salaries, and operational expenses.

Will we receive periodic updates on our progress?

Yes! We will give progress reports every few weeks so we can all track our progress together.

Will we continue to support existing church planters and plant churches?

Yes! Nothing has changed. Our planters will continue to receive our support, and as God enables us, we will plant more churches. We are all in on church planting and don’t plan to back down. As I mentioned on Sunday, if we reach our goal of $3.2 million, 18% will go to church planting, missions and outreach. I’ve never been part of a church that gave away that much to gospel ministry.

How can I get involved?

You can give! Everything we hope to fund will come from each of us doing our part. If you haven’t given anything; start giving something. If you give occasionally; give regularly. If you give regularly; give proportionately (i.e., an increased percentage of your income). If you give proportionally; give sacrificially!

How do I give?

You can bring your offering to church and put it in the offering bucket. You can text a gift to 84321. Or, like Michelle and me, you can give through our Church Center App (you’ll find in your phone’s App Store). In fact, I would encourage you to set up recurring giving in the app. That’s what Michelle and I do. And because we want the church to get the most from our gift (rather than a bank) we give through the ACH withdrawal from our checking account and add the additional $.30 to each transaction. Give it a try. It’s easy and helps you stay faithful in your giving.

How much should I give?

I’ll let the Apostle Paul answer that: “Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” In many ways that’s a decision for you to make as you pray, seek the Lord and consider what he wants you to do. Last year Michelle and I gave our regular tithe (X) and then added additional giving during our annual church planting campaign (Y). This year we plan to combine those amounts (X + Y) and give it over the course of the next 10 months.