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Growth Groups exist to lead people to take a step of growth in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ and in their care for one another. We believe that we were created by God with a need for community and that we were not created to go through this life alone! Growth Groups provide a space to consider how the gospel is lived out in our everyday lives and to care for one another through prayer and fellowship.

We have two different types of Growth Groups

Sermon Based Groups

Our sermon based groups meet weekly on varying days. Groups seek to build community through opening their Bibles together, discussing the sermon and praying for one another.

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Bonus Groups

Our “Bonus Groups” are groups that are not based around sermon discussion, but build community through different activities.

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What is a Growth Group?

Each Growth Group is made up of 10-12 people who meet weekly and are led by trained leaders that are Foothill Church covenant partners. Groups seek to build relationships through discussion, prayer and supporting one another.

What kind of groups are available?

We have two different types of groups: sermon-based and interest-based groups. Sermon-based groups spend time in fellowship (often over a weekly meal), prayer and looking at the biblical text of the sermon for the upcoming week. In sermon-based groups you will have a time of facilitated discussion where we will talk about the sermon and how the gospel applies to our lives today. Bonus, or interest-based, groups focus on connecting people with similar interests like sports, arts and outdoor adventures. There really is a group for everyone!

How long does a group last?

Growth Groups generally follow the Fall and Spring semesters. Each semester the groups meet for 15 weeks.

When and where do they meet?

Growth Groups meet on various days and nights of the week in homes throughout the community.

Which group should I join?

Whatever works best for you! We suggest you join a group that you are able to commit to for the entire season. It takes time to develop relationships and commitment is part of that. Pick a group that works best for you based on your location, weekly schedule and stage in life.

What is the required commitment?

Joining a Growth Group requires a weekly commitment to attend the meetings and to come prepared! We have found that this commitment is the key to strong relationships and healthy groups.

What about kids?

Each Growth Group handles kids being a part of their group differently. The groups that have a plan for kids can be found by looking at the digital catalog that are marked “children welcome.”

Some groups have decided to offer childcare at their home while the parents participate in the discussion and prayer time. Other groups may invite children to sit with their parents throughout the group meeting. The leader of each particular group will communicate the plan in regards to children.

If a group’s leaders have chosen to hire someone to offer childcare in person at their weekly group meeting, this is at the discretion of the leaders. These childcare workers are not screened, trained, or employed by Foothill Church.

How do I sign up?

Church wide sign-ups begin at the start of each new session. You can sign up online by using the Church Center app or directly here through the Groups website.