Everyone has a next step they can take in growing in their relationship with Jesus—take yours!

Take Intro to Foothill

Who are we? Why do we exist? What do we believe? and How do you connect here?

Join a Group

No matter your age, life stage, location, availability or interest, there is a group waiting for you.

Take a Class

Grow in your theology in community with other Christians.

Join a Serve Team

Take a step of growth by serving and connecting with others.

Get Baptized

Take the first step of obedience as a followers of Jesus Christ.

Start Giving

Our giving isn’t about charity, but rather it is an act of worship and what God calls us to do as Christians.

Commit to Foothill

This class gives an in depth look at what it means to commit to a local church, and specifically what that looks like here at Foothill.