"Intercessory prayer is the first and all-important task in evangelism. The divine order is to talk to God about men, until the door is definitely open to talk to men about God."

Lewis Sperry Chafer

Do you do that?

Have you prayed for anyone who is far from God in the last week? Do you keep any reminder of people in your life who are far from God?

Let’s do this…

  1. Grab your Rooted bookmark, your phone or a piece of paper and think about people you actually know who are far from God.
  2. Do you have any neighbors? Write down their names. Coworkers? Write down their names. Family members? Write down their names. Friends/fellow students? Write down their names.
  3. Set a reminder for when you will pray for them every day. Put the Rooted bookmark in your Bible and use that as an additional reminder to call their name before God’s throne of grace.
Grab a Bookmark this Sunday!
Grab a Bookmark this Sunday!

Stick it in your Bible and use it as a reminder to pray for the lost. They’re available at the newsstand in the lobby.