Over the next year, we will be looking at different spiritual disciplines found throughout Scripture that will help us grow to become more like Christ and encounter God.

Our plan is to not simply teach through these spiritual disciplines, but also practice doing them. We will create resources each month to help you learn more about each discipline and put it into practice. The spiritual disciplines are not an advanced level of Christianity, but practices to help us train in godliness and live out this Christian life. They are for everyone—kids, students and adults of all ages! Our hope is that each person at Foothill Church will participate.

At the start of each month you will receive an email that will introduce a new spiritual discipline to focus on. This will point you to a webpage (like this one) that will include the sermon for that topic, various resources to go deeper in understanding the discipline better, and a tangible resource to help you practice it.

We invite you to join in with us as we engage in these disciplines throughout the year– talk about them with your family, do them together with your Growth Group, and invite others around you to hold you accountable as we seek to grow in godliness this year. Let’s pray that the Lord will do a great work in our church this year, for his glory and our good!