Steve DuBransky

Pastor of Spiritual Formation

I grew up one of seven boys in a family that loved God. We went to church and made regular, family prayer a priority. There was never a dull moment between sports to be played and so many hungry mouths to be fed, but through it all my parents raised us to love and know God. When I was a young boy, I made the decision to follow Jesus and be baptized. I knew what Christ had done for me, that he taught the truth and the right way to live and I believed that I should follow him. I saw God’s hand on my life in many ways as a child, but  as I entered my junior high and high school years a love for sports, fitting in and the approval of others began to take the place of god in my life and my affections were split between the world and God.

It took getting really sick my senior of high school for God to shake and wake me to his goodness and his love for me, and that’s when I truly made the decision to forsake the world and follow God. At a Winter Camp at Hume Lake that year, was where I first sensed God calling me into full time ministry to serve him and his church as a pastor. I have had my fair share of questions, sins, struggles and growth along the way, but through it all I have held fast to the good news of the gospel and believed the promises of God as I’ve served a couple of churches over the past 22 years.

I married my beautiful and wonderful wife, Katie, in 2006 and we have three children– Lily, Nathan and Selah. We all love Foothill Church and have grown since coming here in 2013.

My hope for Foothill Church is that we will always see people come to know and believe the gospel and experience the power it brings to change their life.