I grew up in Southern California with both my parents and two sisters. I grew up listening to the Bible on audio because my father was dyslexic. My dad would listen to his Bible everywhere; while driving, while working, while relaxing. He was also an amazing story teller. I loved listening to him talk to me about the Bible. God gave him a gift of bringing the Bible to life. I was always amazed at how he could memorize huge portions of scripture, and he always served at our church when I was growing up. Although my father could not read, he would tell me to renew my mind daily and read my Bible. When I was 7 years old I was baptized in our small church with my sister but I didn’t truly comprehend the meaning of what I was doing. What a gift to have a dad who constantly shared the gospel with me, prayed diligently for me and told me so. While growing up my dad constantly reminded me to, “listen for God’s voice and submit to His will, He will call you to follow Him.” And of course, as a young boy I did not take that to heart until I was 17 years old, when my dad took me to church to meet a missionary. God used that missionary to speak to me. In an instant God opened my heart and I truly became aware of the depth of indwelling sin in my life and how dysfunctional I was without Jesus. That was when Jesus became my savior and I was baptized again that night.

I met my wife Kelly in high school who later became my wife in 1997. She is my best friend and together we have three children. We both love Jesus and find it important to read the Bible together as a family. I feel it is important to read God’s word so that we may hear Him so that we can obey him; to understand Jesus’ teachings and follow Him.  We began attending Foothill Church in 2011 and we truly love our family here.

I am blessed to have so many close bonds with other families at Foothill Church where we have true community with so many authentic Christ followers. Foothill Church is a true gospel-centered Christian community and I look forward to whatever God has in store for me as I continue to serve at Foothill Church.