Foothill Kids FAQ

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How do I know what my kid is learning in class?

We offer a great weekly resource for all families called “Kids Weekly.” This is a text message you can opt into that will send you info on what your child learned each Sunday in our program. To opt in text DEVO to 626-325-0004. We also invite our regular attending parents to Parent Partner with us twice a year to step into class and see for themselves what their children are learning. To get more information on that please see our Parent Partner FAQ page.

Do you have any parenting resources?

Beyond our “Kids Weekly” text you can check out our resource page found on If you are looking for something specific please contact us and we can help direct you.

Do you offer any mid-week programming?

The short answer is no. We desire for our greatest teaching time to be done during the Sunday morning gathering. However, we do hope our families will be involved in Gospel Community here at Foothill through Growth Groups and Classes.

My kids have food allergies. How is that monitored in the class?

When you check your child in for the first time please make sure your child’s allergies are noted under their profile. Their name badge will state their allergy on it and we ask that you add a red dot to their name badge for easy awareness for our volunteers. As a note: we only offer snack in preschool and toddler class, which is Cheerios (gluten free).

If I have a question, who can I contact?

Please feel free to contact our Director of Family Ministries Katie DuBransky and she can help clarify or answer any additional questions you may have.

Can I be in class with my child?

Yes, we understand that there are times when our children have a hard time adjusting to a new place and class. We encourage you to join your child, if needed, to help them acclimate. We do ask that you pick up a “Visitor” badge from our check-in area and for you to stick by your child within our classroom.

What are your safety policies?

Our desire is to create a safe environment for your child to learn about the gospel. Here are some safety policies we have in place:

  • All adult volunteers have been livescanned

  • Rule of 3’s: An adult or volunteer is never left alone with a child

  • Diaper changing: only women over 18 are allowed

  • Ratios: we have specific ratios between children and volunteers for each class to ensure safety for all our children

    • Infant 1 volunteer: 3 children

    • Toddler 1 volunteer: 5 children

    • Preschool 1 volunteer: 12 children

    • K-5th 1 volunteer: 15 children

How do I check my child in?

Upon your arrival, head to the Kids Check-In area in the lobby. Let our check-in volunteers know you are new and they will walk you through our check-in and pick up process in order to ensure your child’s safety.

What if I lose my parent tag?

Please go to kids check-in with your ID to reprint your parent tag. You cannot pick up your child without this tag.

What if my child needs me during service?

If for any reason your child needs you we will send you a text at the number you provided at check-in and/or put your parent tag code on the main screen in service. If you see your parent code appear in the upper corner of the screen please make your way to your child’s class to check in on them.

Parent Partner FAQs

What is Parent Partnership?

Parent partnership is the active role parents play in leading their children in a growing relationship with Jesus within Foothill Kids ministry. We see Parent Partnership as a way parents can know what is happening in their child’s class and connect what is learned at church to the discipleship that is happening in the home.

What are you asking me to do?

Every parent is asked to join their child in class to observe, engage and support. Consider this to be a hands on “open house” for you and your family.

How often do I have to do it?
Why is this important?

We believe that parents are called to be the primary disciplers of their children. Our desire in Foothill Kids ministry is to support you in that by creating an opportunity for you to step in and see first hand what your child is learning on a Sunday morning. Our hope is that by observing what your child is learning you will be able to start conversations during the week of what they learned. Even weeks and months past the time you would have partnered with us in class you will know our structure and be able to continue those conversations. Additionally, your partnership in the classroom is a practical way to support the ministry and keep our doors open for new and returning families.

What if I already serve in another area?

If you serve in a Sunday morning ministry we will work with your ministry leader to accommodate your schedule to your existing service rotation. Our desire is to have everyone, no matter your area of service, join us for this opportunity. We recognize some seasons are harder and more busy than others, but we hope to work with you on a date that is most convenient.

What will be required of me the day of?

Join us before service begins to huddle and pray with our volunteer team. After checking in as a Parent Partner, you will be directed to your assigned class. In the classroom, we will work with you to find a job you are comfortable with, such as serving Cheerios or passing out bibles. We want you to have the freedom to engage and observe your child’s Sunday morning experience. And trust us… your child will love having you there!

What if I don’t want to partner with you in this way. Will I be allowed to still check my child into Foothill Kids ministry?

Of course we will still welcome your children. However, we would love to talk with you about what would be hindering you being able to partner with us in this way.

What will be required of me in order to become a parent partner?
How did this start?

We have always desired for parents to be actively involved in kids ministry and due to COVID we needed parents’ help to reopen our ministry. As we saw parent’s eyes being opened to what their children were learning on a Sunday morning, we did not want this experience to end. We now embrace this as a continuous opportunity to help equip parents in the discipleship of their children.

Is this just a one time thing or how often do I have to do it?

We ask that you will partner with us in this way for the time your children are a part of kids ministry.

What if I discover I love being a part of the Foothill Kids team after partnering?

If this is you, then we would love to have you join our team. We always love having parents a part of our serving teams and getting them involved in leading and teaching not only their children but so many more about the gospel.