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Whether we are introverts or social butterflies, the Bible shows us that fellowship is at the core of being a follower of Jesus Christ. It is what Jesus clearly modeled in his ministry and what the early church practiced in Acts 2. If you call Foothill Church your home, we encourage you to join a Growth Group to learn through discussion, eat great food and build gospel-rooted relationships. If single, dating, married, young or old… Growth Groups have a home for you. Childcare is even available for those with children.



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Signups for Spring 2019 are closed.



Week 2 | 2/10-2/16 - Download

Week 3 | 2/17-2/23 - Download

Week 4 | 3/3-3/9 - Download

WEEK 5 | 3/10-3/16 - Download

WEEK 6 | 3/17-3/23 - Download

WEEK 7 | 3/24-3/30 - Download

WEEK 8 | 4/7-4/13 - Download

WEEK 9 | 4/14-4/20 - Download

WEEK 10 | 4/21-4/27 - Download

WEEK 11 | 5/5-5/11 - Download


How To Sign Up

  1. Click "Sign up"

  2. Log into Foothill Connect
    If you do not have a Foothill Connect login, simply click "Sign up" below the log in menu or click here.

  3. Scroll through and find the group you would like to join.

  4. Click on that group, then select "Join Group"

  5. Celebrate!


Our sermon-based groups meet weekly on varying days. Come and join a group to share food, open your bibles and grow together.


Looking for a group that fits your interest or hobbies? Our interest-based groups are perfect for building community through a span of different activities.


Our classes consist of varying topics and curriculum, ranging from pre-marital class to Bible studies.



What is a Growth Group?
Each Growth Group is made up of 10-18 people who meet weekly and are led by a trained host or host-couple.

What kind of groups are available?
We have three different types of groups:  sermon-based, classes and interest-based groups. 

Sermon-based groups follow along with the sermons each week. Classes will focus on a specific subjects like finances, theology or prayer, while Interest-based groups focus on connecting people with similar interests like sports, arts and outdoor adventures and meet monthly. There really is a group for everyone!

How long does a group last?
Growth Groups generally follow the Fall and Spring semesters. Each semester the groups meet for 12 weeks.

When and where do they meet?
Growth Group meet on various days and nights of the week in homes throughout the community.

Which group should I join?
Whatever works best for you. We suggest you join a group based on your "station in life" rather than on geography or the most convenient night of the week. We've found that a group works best when you share common interests, backgrounds, marital status or similar aged children.

What is the required commitment?
Joining a Growth Group requires a weekly commitment to attend the meetings and to come prepared! We have found that this commitment is the key to strong relationships and healthy groups.

What about Childcare?
Each Growth Group will deal with children differently. It is important to note whether or not a prospective group will welcome kids at their meetings (or secure a babysitter for their meetings) or encourage families to secure their own childcare.

How do I sign up?
Church wide sign-ups begin at the start of each new session. The best way is to via the Foothill Church App or you can sign up online. You can also sign up during our weekend services at church via the Connection Card, which will be taken care of by admin within the week. If you have any questions about Growth Groups please contact us at growthgroups@foothill.church