June 12-16

At Camp Pondo

Isn’t It Time You Got WRECKED? 
It’s what happens when our lives get interrupted. 
It’s what happens when a broken world slams into our comfortable lives. 
It’s what happens when we begin to live a life we are afraid to live — one full of radical sacrifice and selfless service. 
It’s what happens when we discover fulfillment in the least likely of places.

We all need to be WRECKED - to allow the hurt of a damaged world to interrupt our hopes and dreams and exchange them for the hopes and dreams of the One who’s name we bear… Jesus!

Join us this summer as we journey through Romans 5 and discover the amazing paradox of WRECKED: Life Interrupted.


July 23-27

At Pismo Beach

The world tells us that we should have it all, and have it now. Too often temporary passions are elevated over those things of lasting significance. But what happens when we are given a clear vision of the future, one that rightly places God at the center, clearly defines heaven and hell, and rightly sees Christ—not us—sitting on an eternal throne? What if all of life was lived through the lens of eternity? Would we not see the greater beauty and joy of loving God and loving others, compared to the empty pursuit of personal pleasure?

Come to summer camp and find out how we are to live in light of ETERNITY.


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