Our students follow a groups model similar to our Growth Groups. For more information on Foothill Students, visit here.


WEEK 1 All-Student Activity
WEEK 2 Growth Group
WEEK 3 Growth Group
WEEK 4 Growth Group Activity
WEEK 5 Prayer Night





WEDNESDAY NIGHT  |  7:00 - 8:30PM
HOST  |  Jared & Shannon Smith (Azusa, CA)
SMALL GROUP LEADERS  |  Jared and Shannon Smith

Jared and Shannon just celebrated their 1-year anniversary in June, and started serving with our students shortly after their wedding. Jared graduated from UCLA in March with a degree in Philosophy and Business Economics. Shannon is finishing up her degree in Liberal Studies at APU and will be an amazing teacher when she graduates. They both have a heart to serve our students and are willing to do anything to help students feel welcomed and loved.


WEDNESDAY NIGHT  |  7:00 - 8:30PM
HOST  |  Chris & Michelle Lewis (Glendora, CA)
SMALL GROUP LEADERS  |  Josh & Aubrey Maldonado
Josh and Aubrey have been serving with our students for just under a year and we love their easy-going personality and desire to see students grow. They will celebrate their 1-year wedding anniversary in October. They both work at schools, and are working on degrees to further their education. They enjoy outdoor activities, serving at the Church, traveling, and going to concerts.

THURSDAY NIGHT  |  7:00 - 8:30PM
HOST  |  Steve & Katie DuBransky (Pomona, CA)
SMALL GROUP LEADERS  |  Chris Wilson & Hannah Bournes
Chris might be a familiar name for those of you who have been around Foothill Church a while. We’re thankful that he has returned to the area after attending seminary in Denver and that he is helping with our high school ministry. He has been married to Lindsey for 5 years and they have two boys. He is currently a teacher at Western Christian High School.

Hannah has been a faithful volunteer for over 2 years now and we love having her on the team. Her ability to connect with students and her desire to see them grow makes her a great growth group leader. She is currently a senior at APU and is majoring in Psychology.