Shaen Marks


I grew up in a home with a single Dad who planted a stake in the ground that God would be first in our lives. I had regular devotions with him each morning, along with weekly church attendance that fostered a love for and desire for God.  I made a decision to follow Christ as my Savior when I was 5-years old . . . sitting at the breakfast table with my Dad.

My childhood was fairly boring (except for a 7-year stint in amateur roller skating, which is an entirely different story).  I didn’t do all the “bad” things that my pastors growing up said I couldn’t do in order to be a Christian. I got very good at learning how a Christian should behave, and, by the grace of God, I genuinely LOVED behaving as a Christian.  It wasn’t until after high school where I began to realize the full extent and story of the gospel: that the REASON I acted the way I did, in following the “rules” of Christianity, is that God gave me the ability and desire to follow Him. He reached out first, He called first and I simply responded.

During college I told my girlfriend, Katie (who is now my wife), that I would NEVER work at a church.  Since graduating from Azusa Pacific University with my degree in music, I have ONLY worked in the church.  God has built and designed me to lead His church and I am thankful to God for all He’s allowed me to do.

I’ve been married since May of 2004 to my high school sweetheart, Katie, and have 5 children (4 boys & 1 girl).  I look forward to what God has in store for Foothill Church and growing old with my wife.