Serves every other Sunday morning for a 4-month session

Serves our guests in the parking lot with a warm welcome, clear directions, and a friendly goodbye. This team also sets up and tears down parking lot signs and materials.

Serves our guests in the auditorium by offering a warm greeting, friendly presence, and clear directions to a seat. This team also creates a distraction free service and helps with offering and communion. 

Serves our guests at the entrance doors and in the lobby by making them feel valued with a sincere greeting, a friendly presence, and a fond farewell. This team also helps prepare communion and connection card packets.

Serves our Sunday volunteers by preparing and serving breakfast and snacks to them in Volunteer Headquarters. We value volunteers at Foothill Church, therefore we want to appreciate them by keeping their bellies full! 

Serves our guests in the lobby by creating a hospitable and welcoming environment. This team makes an inviting experience for guests by making and serving coffee.

Serves our guests at the Black Information Tent by giving new guests a VIP experience. They answer questions, provide clear information, and help people take the next step to grow in their relationship with Christ. This team also has the opportunity to connect with, and pray for, new followers of Christ.