Overwhelmed but I won’t break through the battle I will say

Your grace will be enough.  Your grace will be enough.

Under fire but we won’t fall we will never be alone

You’ll always be enough.  You’ll always be enough.


Now in God we trust in His name we hope

I know God will not be shaken.     

God is here with us he’s already won

I know God will not be shaken.

LAST TIME ONLY: God will not be shaken


We will follow where you go we will trust through the unknown

I know you go before.  I know you go before.

Lead my heart now in your ways for we’re carrying your name

Your promise never fails.  Your promise never fails.
You’ll finish what you’ve begun forever strong in your love.  

Your name is sure.

And you will fight for us our hope forever secure in you alone.


Our Father, everlasting. The all creating one. God Almighty

Through your Holy Spirit, Conceiving Christ the Son. 

Jesus our Savior.


I believe in God our Father. I believe in Christ the Son.

I believe in the Holy Spirit. Our God is three in one.

I believe in the resurrection. That we will rise again.

For I believe in the name of Jesus.


Our judge and our defender. Suffered and crucified.

Forgiveness is in you.

Descended into darkness. You rose in glorious life.       

Forever seated high.


I believe in you. I believe you rose again.

I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.


I believe in life eternal. I believe in the virgin birth.

I believe in the saint’s communion. And in your Holy Church.

I believe in the resurrection. When Jesus comes again.            

For I believe in the name of Jesus.


Are you hurting and broken within.

Overwhelmed by the weight of your sin.  Jesus is calling.

Have you come to the end of yourself.

Do you thirst for a drink from the well.  Jesus is calling.


O come to the altar the Father’s arms are open wide.     

Forgiveness was bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ.


Leave behind your regrets and mistakes.

Come today there’s no reason to wait.  Jesus is calling.

Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy.  

From the ashes a new life is born.  Jesus is calling.


Oh what a Savior.  Isn’t he wonderful.  Sing alleluia, Christ is risen.

Bow down before him.  For he is Lord of all.  Sing alleluia, Christ is risen.


You are who you say you are.  You’ll do what you say you’ll do.

You’ll be who you’ve always been to us.  Jesus.

Our hope is in you alone.  Our strength in your mighty name.

Our peace in the darkest day remains Jesus.

This we know we will see the enemy run.

This we know will see the victory come.

We hold on to every promise you ever made.

Jesus you are unfailing.

Our God through the wilderness.  Our joy in the heaviness.   

Our way when it seems there is no way.  Jesus.

We trust you.  We trust you.  Your ways are higher than our own.