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Ebenezer “Ebe” Puplampu

I was born into a syncretic home, where ancestral worship and animism were combined with going to church. While I heard about Jesus, I did not know Him. If there were Christians in my local Presbyterian Church in my village – which I am sure there were, they never shared the gospel with me. It took the visit of a missionary to my local elementary school for me to come to the personal knowledge of Jesus Christ.

It all happened during a fateful bright harmattan school morning assembly, when a missionary was introduced to the entire school. We were told he was sent by God to tell about His son, Jesus. This missionary would go on to open the Bible to John 3:16 and would call me to come forward and read it out loud. It was an honor to be called to read anything at a school gathering, but to read the Bible before a sermon was a greater honor After you read, you stood near the preacher through the sermon. I was filled with excitement, pride and sadness. My having mixed emotions was not because I could not read, but because I had, and still have, what many would describe as a speech defect. I could not finish a single sentence successfully without stuttering. So, as to why, this missionary chose me – a tall-lanky-stuttering kid – to read on this special occasion, I had no idea.

I remember walking up to the dais, introduced the scripture and started to read. Three words into the scripture reading, I began to stutter on the word “so”. I must have pronounced it twenty times. I then stopped, took a deep breath, and with tears of embarrassment rolling down my cheeks, I started reading again, and this time went through the entire verse without stuttering. Helping me clean my tears after the reading, the missionary told the whole school that I stuttered because God wanted to emphasize just how much He loved us, which is why He sent His one and only son to die for our sins. Then turning to me, still standing by him, he said to me, God loves you so, so, so, so much. For a tall-lanky-stuttering kid who could not finish a sentence, to be loved so, so, so, so much by God was mind blowing. I would commit my life to Jesus that day.

God continued to show me how much He loved me all through the years, demonstrating it in many forms. Were there moments when I thought I had the right to question God for abandoning me in this unfair lonely life? Yes, there were. But were there moments also when I was glad I yielded my life to Jesus? You bet. Like any saved sinner, while my Christian life has not been a smooth ride, there is one thing I know for sure. It is that God was and is and will be with me every turn of the way, and for that, I will strive with His help, every moment for the rest of my life, to remain a repenting and a joyfully rejoicing Christian.  

I am so grateful for the blessing of Foothill Church, a community within which my family and I can live out our faith alongside other Christians. My hope for our church is that we will be a home for growing gospel-rooted saved sinners of every nation, tribe and tongue.