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Affordable Christmas is a toy store for low-income families at Stanton Elementary. It provides these families with the opportunity to choose and purchase their own toys for their families at a 90% discount. We pray this is an option that preserves their dignity and provides a way to help in time of need!



Anywhere you'd like, but we've started some gift registry lists below to get you started. We are registered under the name, “Foothill Church”.


Shop through the Foothill Christian School Amazon Smiles account.

  1. Sign in to smile.amazon.com on your desktop or mobile phone browser.

  2. From your desktop, go to Your Account from the navigation at the top of any page, and then select the option to Change your Charity.

  3. Select "FCS Educational Foundation" to support.



Toy Drop-off: NOVEMBER 5 to NOVEMBER 25
Affordable Christmas: DECEMBER 1

If you are dropping off Monday-Friday, you can drop off at the school front office (at the Baseline campus) between 7am-4pm.

If you’re dropping off on Sundays, please leave your unwrapped toys in the collection bins at the Foothill Outreach section in the lobby at either campus.



Praise the Lord, we have PLENTY of volunteers signed up! – Thank you for your interest in serving at Affordable Christmas.

We’re still accepting gifts though, up through Thursday, November 29. You can drop gifts off at the school office at Baseline between 9am - 4pm.



Q: How do we know the families at Stanton are 'Low Income Families'? 
A: Approximately 70% of Stanton families qualify for 'Free and Reduced Lunch', therefore qualifying as 'Low Income'. According to the Principal, an additional 20% of families are just above the 'Low Income' qualifications and still struggle financially. Therefore, about 90% of Stanton Elementary Families qualify as 'Low Income Families' or are struggling financially, so we will be reaching the majority of those individuals through this outreach.  To be clear, any Stanton families that come to the Affordable Christmas Toy Store will be allowed to purchase gifts.  We are aiming to be generous and will err on the side of generosity.  We will not be asking for them to provide any type of income verification in order to participate.  

Q: What will we do with the money earned through 'Affordable Christmas'? 
A:  The money earned from Affordable Christmas this year will be reserved in an account to be able to fund next years 'Affordable Christmas' in purchasing supplies, toys, etc. 

Q: What will we do if we have extra toys leftover?
A: This year any left over toys that we have will be sent with a team down to our missionaries in Rosarito, Mexico to bless some children with Christmas gifts!